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Training Classes Begin in Bahama

The Baha Mar Gaming Academy has begun to offer classes for dealer training and just the other day, over ninety people began to train at several different casino games. The training will help those interested in becoming dealers be able to better able to find a career in the field. Bahamians who have the drive to learn the various casino games can attend the academy and begin the start of a fun learning experience. (01/08)

New Table Games Launched at Dover Downs

Delaware casino Dover Downs have now released new table games for players to enjoy. The casino will now offer several table game options so that players can take advantage of premium gaming. The new games are available now and even more will come in July. On top of the new gaming releases, the casino will also be offering a new promotion for players to earn even more cash. (02/06)

Pai Gow Poker Jackpot goes to Arizona Gambler

Casinos are popular due to the fact that gamblers can enjoy any game they wish. From table games to slots and more, gamers have a large selection of games to take part in and have the opportunity to win nice cash prizes. One game that is considered a high roller option is pai gow poker. This game is of an Asian influence and can be found in online and brick and mortar game play. This game is one that can produce large payouts especially when the game is connected to a progressive jackpot. (15/05)

Pai Gow Poker Pays Again at California Casino

The game of pai gow poker is apparently the top game of choice at a casino in the state of California. Players continue to visit the Red Hawk Casino and take advantage of pai gow gaming, only to be rewarded with huge jackpots in the six figure range. The casino is constantly announcing new winners and just this week, yet another player has hit the jackpot! (31/01)

Pai Gow Poker Pays Out Handsomely

Pai Gow poker is a popular game that first originated in Asian culture. The game is a table option that provides players with a variant of poker. The game is very popular in table game form as well as in electronic form. The Red Hawk Casino is a top spot in the state of California that is known for their Pai Gow gaming. The casino recently announced that a player has earned a nice jackpot by playing the game. (24/01)

Red Hawk Casino Launches New Pai Gow Poker Game

Pai gow poker is a popular poker variant that gamblers enjoy in live game play. Casinos across the globe offer pai gow poker and the Red Hawk Casino of California has just announced they now offer a new game with this variant. Bonus Spin Pai Gow Poker has now been added to the table gaming options and this is the only casino in the area that offers this gaming option. (08/01)

Pai Gow Poker Pays Off for Nevada Gambler

The game of Pai Gow is a fun poker variant that many players enjoy in both electronic and table game form. The game can be found in online game play as well as at brick and mortar casinos. Pai Gow has been known to create large jackpots for players in the United States as many land casinos link the game to a progressive. While connected to a progressive, game play allows the jackpot to grow which gives players a nice pay day once the jackpot is hit. A man from Nevada recently earned just over $170,000 by playing the game. (26/12)

Major Jackpots Earned at PKR

PKR is known for offering an exciting and unique poker experience but they also offer players an opportunity to play casino games as well. The site not only has an amazing online poker room but also an online casino. Players log on to the site on a regular basis to enjoy the casino games from pai gow poker to jacks or better and more. The site recently announced they have paid out major jackpots over the past few months for 2013. (31/10)

California Casino Pays out Pai Gow Progressive

Progressive gaming is a popular option among avid gamblers as it allows players to earn more cash with a win. A progressive is a side jackpot that requires a side bet to be wagered. If you get the right combination with the side bet in place, you can win even more cash and prizes. The Thunder Valley Casino Resort is one gambling location that offers progressive gaming and their most popular option is the Pai Gow 7 Card Progressive game. (14/10)

Maryland Live! Goes Live

Poker players have been counting down the days until the Maryland Live! Poker room was to open and now players are waiting now longer! The online poker room is now open and ready for business. Officials of the state were out in full force as the poker room was open and players had lined up for hours to be the first inside. (02/09)

Reno Gambler wins Large Pai Gow Jackpot

Gamblers not only hit Las Vegas in the state of Nevada to enjoy gambling games. Players also head to Reno, Nevada to be able to enjoy excellent gambling games. The Siena Hotel Spa Casino is a new gambling venue and players are coming from all across the globe to check the casino and what they have to offer. Recently, the casino announced the slots and progressives were hot, leaving one California native with over $46,000 to take home! (14/03)

Malaysian Police Force Raids Gambling Dens

The Year of the Snake celebrations have been massive in Asia and a recent report was released from Kuala Lumpur which stated that the Malaysian police force has raided several gambling dens who were enjoying pai go poker, other gambling games as well as cock fighting and other illegal activities. (04/03)

Maine Casino Asks for Pai Gow Approval

The state of Maine has offered gamblers casino options since 2005. In 2004, the Maine Gambling Control Board was created to oversee the creation of casinos in the state as well as to provide a regulation of sorts. The Gambling Board was recently sent a proposal by one casino in the state for the approval of pai gow poker. (23/01)

Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino to Cater To Asian Gamblers

The Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino is planning on changing up their gambling options and catering to the Asian market. The casino is currently building a casino within the casino which will feature games that are popular with the Asian community and will be named the Jubao Palace. (14/11)

Parx Casino adding Pai Gow Poker

There are eleven casinos located in the state of Pennsylvania and the top casino each and every year for the past few years is the Parx casino. Parx is located in Bensalem and each year, the casino is the first in gross revenues for slot games. The casino is constantly adding to their gaming options so their players have the best options for gaming. The casino is now going to be adding new games for their players to enjoy. (09/08)

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