Pai Gow Poker Pays Again at California Casino
The game of pai gow poker is apparently the top game of choice at a casino in the state of California. Players continue to visit the Red Hawk Casino and take advantage of pai gow gaming, only to be rewarded with huge jackpots in the six figure range. The casino is constantly announcing new winners and just this week, yet another player has hit the jackpot!

The casino has announced that the table progressive version of pai gow has now rewarded one lucky player with $101,765 in jackpot cash! The player is from San Francisco and regularly visits the casino. His choice to play Pai Gow poker was a smart one as he is now much richer! The player won a jackpot of $94,765 while playing the game but also earned a $7,000 pai gow bonus which resulted in the $101,000+ win. The player plans on using the cash to travel and then save the majority.

Bryan deLugo is the General Manager for the casino and he stated that it is always exciting to see a player win a jackpot. The casino provides a large variety of gaming options and the pai gow game seems to be a nice provider of huge jackpots!

With the pai gow game, players will need to place the $1 progressive bet to earn the progressive jackpot. This jackpot continues to grow steadily until a player hits the right set of cards to set the jackpot off! This way, the player earns the top jackpot but also additional cash for placing the progressive bet. This is the only way that players can earn the ultimate amount of cash. The game continues to be the most popular at the casino and it will be interesting to see how long it takes before another jackpot is hit from the very same game!

- 2014-01-31

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