Pai Gow Poker Pays Off for Nevada Gambler
The game of Pai Gow is a fun poker variant that many players enjoy in both electronic and table game form. The game can be found in online game play as well as at brick and mortar casinos. Pai Gow has been known to create large jackpots for players in the United States as many land casinos link the game to a progressive. While connected to a progressive, game play allows the jackpot to grow which gives players a nice pay day once the jackpot is hit. A man from Nevada recently earned just over $170,000 by playing the game.

Robert Leitch could not believe his good fortune after playing the Pai Gow progressive game at the John Ascuaga’s Nugget casino. The total amount earned was $170,615.90 and Leitch did not believe he had earned the win at first.

The seventy one year old gambler was so excited over the win and stated the money could not have come at a more needed time. While most players who earn large jackpots go on vacation or purchase homes and cars, Leitch will be using the money to save his business. Leitch owns a pool and spa supply company that has been struggling. The money will now help the business stay afloat.

Leitch told the casino that he is a business owner and has been killed over the past five years. The winner will be paying things down and he will not have to worry anymore as the business will now be fine.

The Nugget casino offers the pai gow poker game in table form and includes the ‘fortune’ progressive jackpot game. Players enjoy the game as there is great potential to earn a nice jackpot, just as Leitch was able to do. Players in the Nevada area are sure to check out the game now in hopes of being the next winner!

- 2013-12-26

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