Pai Gow Poker Robbers plead not guilty
The two men who robbed the Rio casino back in February have now plead guilty to the charges they face. Both Hiroyuki Yamaguchi and Edward Land have been indicted on charges that are connected to the robbery.

Police found that Yamaguchi was the driver of the getaway taxi while Edward Land was the person who dropped off the man who actually robbed the casino at the pai gow table. The two men will attend their jury trial in January 2012.

Both face several charges including conspiracy to commit robbery, robbery with a deadly weapon, and possession of a deadly weapon while committing a burglary. The men are connected to the pai gow robbery which took place at the Rio. A total of $33,200 in chip was taken from the gaming table.

Land has been released from prison on a $125,000 bail while Yamaguchi has yet to be able to post the $125,000 bond. Steven Gao is the third man accused of participating in the robbery. Gao is on the run and authorities are still looking for him.

According to police Land admitted to dropping Gao off at the casino and Gao then walked to the casino in a disguise. He was wearing a wig, fake mustache, sunglasses and a fedora hat. Gao went to the casino at 4:30am and approached a pai gow poker table and began taking chips from the table. He put them in a black shoulder bag and then left the casino.

Before leaving the casino, Gao was hit by the dealer in the hand and when this happened Gao took out a gun, supposedly, and then finished taking the rest of the chips. He then left the casino and got in a taxi that Yamaguchi was driving. Yamaguchi has confessed his part in the robbery and police were able to get $1,000 in casino chips as well as an unloaded handgun from his cab.

- 2011-06-01

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