Red Hawk Casino Launches New Pai Gow Poker Game
Pai gow poker is a popular poker variant that gamblers enjoy in live game play. Casinos across the globe offer pai gow poker and the Red Hawk Casino of California has just announced they now offer a new game with this variant. Bonus Spin Pai Gow Poker has now been added to the table gaming options and this is the only casino in the area that offers this gaming option.

With the poker gaming option, players will have the opportunity to place a small side bet. With this side bet, players will be able to win higher jackpots as well as progressive payouts. The game has already been live for one month and three jackpots have already been rewarded!

The first jackpot went to a male player named Jerry. The player was enjoying his birthday and decided to try the game after his birthday dinner. The side bet was placed and when five aces popped up, Jerry was allowed to spin the Bonus Wheel. The wheel hit 400X and the $25 gave the player a $10,000 jackpot.

The next jackpot was won the next day by a player named Javier. The side bet was placed, five aces earned and this gave Javier a $4,000 prize after the Bonus Wheel hit 400X on the $10 bet. It was just a few days later, the next player earned a jackpot. The third jackpot was worth almost $15,000 after the Bonus Wheel was spun.

Players have to place the side bet to be able to have a chance to activate the bonus wheel. This way, the bet is multiplied and players have more opportunity to earn a larger prize. The jackpot sits at just over $30,000 right now and is waiting on the next player to earn the top prize!

- 2014-01-08

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